Smallmouth Bass Tackle


I use everything in this tackle category as often as I can.  I wish I had time to use it more often.  I try to buy and use the best fly fishing tackle available, at a reasonable price.  I fly fish for smallmouth bass from boats, canoes and kayaks.  If I drop a rod and reel overboard, in deep water, I don’t want it to be expensive gear.  It might be gone forever.  I choose Temple Fork Rods because, for the money, I think they perform very well.  There are many fly rods made that perform well.  I choose TFO on a  price/performance/value basis.

I like Orvis’ mid-priced reels.  I think they offer good value and perform well.  Again, there are many choices out there.  I just chose the Orvis mid-priced, mid-arbor reels to buy and use.  I am very happy with them, and ours are several years old.

I do love the Rio Smallmouth Bass line.  I like the way it casts smallmouth bass flies, and the way it behaves in cool or warm water.  I’ve found it doesn’t kink when it is hot or have a great memory when it is cold.  It works for me and I like it.

I chose to use Orvis leaders and tippet at least 30 years ago.  I really can’t remember when.  There are many brands and many of our customers use those and swear by them.  I just started using Orvis at a point in my life, and I’ve never changed.  So, the leaders and tippet you see in this category are both made by Orvis.  I use Super Strong when I’m fishing with floating flies.  I use Mirage with sinking flies and streamers.

So, here is what I use.  This is the tackle I recommend for many reasons.

Byron Begley



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