Smith Creek Fly Fishing Accessories

Welcome to the Smith Creek fly fishing accessory store at Little River Outfitters. Smith Creek Fishing Gear is a company located in New Zealand and their highly innovative products are well known among fly fishermen around the world. Smith Creek accessories are designed by the founder, Wayne Smith. Wayne traversed the South Pacific in his sail boat, from California to New Zealand, and stayed.

Wayne is an avid fly fisherman and designer. He is the company’s “pitch man”. He is a very nice guy. He is an American who grew up in California. He owns the company. And, he is making a name for himself as a major player in the fly fishing accessory business, worldwide. Wayne has patents and worldwide patents that are pending.

More amazing products will be coming, so keep an eye on Wayne. You will become familiar with him by watching the videos on each item you click on below. Watch how these accessories perform. See why they are so popular. You will be impressed.

We stock all Smith Creek Products, the Rod Clip, Net Holster, Rig Keeper, Trash Fish, Middle Fork Fly Patch and the Streamer Patch. They are all very popular, well made, well designed and durable. For instance, he tested the zinger used to hold the Rod Clip, through 50,000 pulls without failing. Now that is true attention to durability and customer satisfaction. I’m guessing a machine did the pulling, not Wayne.

So, browse through the accessories below.

You may order online or call our store in Townsend, Tennessee at 865-448-9459. We are here, 7 days a week.