Whiting Farms

Whiting Farms is the industry leader in genetic fly tying hackle. Whiting has long produced some of the finest rooster hackle in the industry. They also produce extremely high quality hen hackle and Coq De Leon. Whiting’s rooster hackle grading scale is Pro Grade, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Pro Grade and Bronze are the most popular. The only difference between the grades is length of feather. The overall quality of the pelts remains the same across the board. This means a Pro Grade has the same quality feather as a Platinum, it is just shorter. Additionally, the only difference between and Pro Grade and a Bronze cape is that Pro Grades have a few broken tips. The standard Whiting line features the red label and offers a host of natural and dyed feathers. The Hebert Miner line offers your greatest selection of purely natural colors, especially duns. The High and Dry line does not have any grades, they are comparable to Bronze capes from other lines and come in a slew of unique dyed colors.