Simms Waders

Simms changed the fly fishing world years ago. The company invented breathable waders. Before that time, most fly fishermen were wearing rubber waders then neoprene waders. Neoprene was hot and trapped moisture. Innovation by this company proved to be the one huge improvement in waders that made fishermen cooler and comfortable.

Simms began by working with a company named W.L. Gore. Gore made fabrics that were first used in rainwear called Gore-Tex®. This rain apparel kept you dry and comfortable. Using technology that allowed vapor to exit the garment but keep water out, the company developed a new fabric suitable for waders. Breathable waders were born. Simms used Gore-Tex® to make waders. The combination of technologies from these companies were successful.

Simms continues to make Gore-Tex® waders in their factory located in Bozeman Montana. Additionally, the company imports lower priced waders that do not use the more expensive Gore fabrics. The choice is yours. You will find that Simms waders perform extremely well at all price points. But, for the ultimate in wader performance, the G3 Guide, Headwaters and the Kid’s waders should be your choice.

Simms has a repair department which is unusual in the wading industry. They will and often do recondition your almost worn out waders. Tears and holes can be repaired by you. But worn out components can actually be replaced at the Simms repair shop. So, if you plan on spending a sizable sum, remember, they can be renewed.

You can purchase online or call our store in Townsend, Tennessee at 865-448-9459 to order. We are family owned and have been since 1994.