Strike Indicators

Welcome to the fly fishing Strike Indicator Department at the Little River Outfitters Online Store. Here you will find all the strike indicators we sell.

It was over 30 years ago when I first used a strike indicator. I had never seen one before then. Frank and I were fishing with Gary Taylor, a guide on the Hiwassee River in Tennessee. Gary rigged Frank and I with two things we had never used to fish for trout, the strike indicator and a bead head fly. We were fishing in Gary’s drift boat, we cast our rigs out and watched them float along at the same speed as the boat. We caught a lot of trout that day. We were both intrigued with this concept.

Before that day I fished nymphs close-by and with a tight line so I could detect the strike. Now, using a strike indicator we could cast further and see the strike visually though the fly and trout might be several feet below the surface. This was a life changing experience for both of us.

Today, strike indicators are as common as floatant and bead head flies. Strike indicators are made from hard foam, soft foam, sticky foam, poly yarn, different polymers and maybe balsa wood though I can’t find them to sell. I bet the first strike indicators were made from balsa.

Strike Indicators are coated, painted, treated, drilled, cast, and who knows what all to serve one purpose, to let the angler know a fish has taken the fly.

You will see a lot of different ideas here. Some strike indicators work differently than others and have unique uses based on what fly you are fishing with and how important a light presentation is where you are fishing. Some strike indicators offer unlimited adjustment up and down the leader without compromising the performance of the leader.

We are building this department so check back often for new products as they become available. Please buy your strike indicators from us.

Byron Begley