Renzetti Fly Tying Vises and Tools

Andy Renzetti began making fly tying vises in the early 70’s, in Romansville, Pennsylvania. His workshop was a one car garage. With input from his brother, Robin, Andy made the first true rotary vise, the Presentation 3000, which is still sold today. In 1978, Andy left his real job to form the company Renzetti Custom Machine, which had now been expanded to a three car garage.

In 1988, Andy and his wife Lily moved to Titusville, Florida and built the manufacturing facility where they still produce fly tying vises and tools to this day. Yes, these tools are made in the USA, except for their scissors, which are made in Germany. The Titusville plant employs 11 people, including Andy, Lily and their son. Their Traveler is the most popular fly tying vise in the world.

I met Andy and Lily in the early 90’s at a fly fishing trade show. We became friends. In fact, Andy and Lily attended one of our first Fly Tyers Weekend events in 2006. We had just moved into our own building two years earlier. They loved the shop and Townsend, Tennessee.

Renzetti fly tying vises and tools are incredible. I fell in love with their thread bobbins. I like the way they feel in my hand and the perfect grip and friction on the thread spool. Paula bought me a Renzetti Master Vise for Christmas one year, probably the nicest fly tying vise made. I’m not a master fly tyer, but I own the vise a master would like to own. It is beautiful.

I will be building the Renzetti fly tying tool category on our online store over the next few months. I am doing the photography in our studio, so it will be different from what you see on any website. Fly tying is my hobby and passion. Of all the departments at Little River Outfitters, the fly tying department is my favorite. Andy and Lily are great people who own a wonderful company. I know you will be very happy with any Renzetti tool. In fact, I guarantee it.

Byron Begley