Orvis Waders

Orvis has been in the fly fishing business longer than any company in the United States. The basis for their success has been “Great Customer Service”. Orvis has been selling waders since they were first made of rubber. Fly fishing waders evolved and in the 1970’s neoprene waders became popular. Orvis made and sold neoprene waders for years.

The problem with neoprene waders were, they are hot. They made you sweat even when it was cold outside or in the water. Then came breathable waders. Breathable waders are made from a material or combination of materials with tiny micro pores. These holes are so small they won’t let water penetrate into the wader. But, they allow vapor to escape from within. Anglers quickly became fans of breathable waders. Fly fishermen were more comfortable in these waders.

Orvis began designing, manufacturing and improving breathable waders. And, we started selling them. Orvis has come a long way with their wading products with improvements happening all the time. Orvis also stands behind all of their products. They want their customers to be happy and come back. To my knowledge we have never had a dissatisfied customer with an Orvis product. One way or another, we work with Orvis to keep it that way.

We highly recommend Orvis waders. We have been selling them for the better part of two decades. Like Orvis, we want happy customers and comfortable anglers. Orvis breathable waders accomplish that for us.

We are a proud Orvis dealer. In 2004 Little River Outfitters was chosen to receive the “Orvis Dealer of the Year Award”. Buy from us and the ground shipping is free. Our store has been family owned since 1994. Thank you for supporting us.

You can purchase online or call our store in Townsend, Tennessee at 865-448-9459 to order. We are family owned and have been since 1994.