Fishpond Wading Accessories

Little River Outfitters has been selling Fishpond fly fishing products since their company was formed in 2001. Known for their many fly fishing related items, such as vests, packs, luggage, accessories, tools and other innovations related to our sport, the company does produce some products related to wading. In this category you will find those items.

Two products that have significant appeal to anglers are their wader bags. They are made to transport wet waders and wading boots and they do it well. Fishpond also sells their popular Slippery Rock wading staff. This fine company makes some great fly fishing gear, created for durability, good looks and designed to work well for you.

You can purchase online or call our store in Townsend, Tennessee at 865-448-9459 to order. We are family owned and have been since 1994.