BoogleBug Poppers

Welcome to the BoogleBug Store at Little River Outfitters. BoogleBug is a company headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama and owned by Pierce Yates. Pierce learned to make his poppers in the 1970’s under the direction of Bob Guess, also known as Mr. Bob, a popper making expert. Pierce started the BoogleBug company, with the goal, to make the most durable poppers available.

BoogleBug poppers are handcrafted from premium grade cork and bonded to Mustad Signature Series hooks, the sharpest hooks made by the company. The hook to cork bond is strong. The bodies are painted, graphic eyes and scales are added, then several coats of flexible, clear, polymer finish are meticulously applied. The result is, a beautiful popper that is extremely durable.

BoogleBug poppers come in three designs. One is the BooglePopper. This is a noisy, water churning open mouth popper, that attracts the attention of gamefish, especially largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. Bluegill like them too. They are available in sizes #4 through #8.

The Amnesia Bug is another style. It features a flat face and slender body. Use this bug when you want less noise and water turbulence. This is a perfect bluegill popper. We offer these in size #10.

The third style is a BoogleBullet, sometimes referred to as a “slider”. This popper is quiet, and moves through the water with a wake, often swept, and appealing to many species of warm-water fishes. The BoogleBullet is offered in sizes #4 through #10.

I have found, the #6 and larger poppers, cast better with a 7 or 8 weight fly rod when using a 9’ leader. I use a 6 weight rod for the #8 and #10 poppers. You can use lighter rods by using shorter leaders. For instance, you could cast a #6 with a 6 weight rod, if you use a shorter leader.

I have seen many poppers and have been fly fishing with them for over 50 years. I’ve not found any that are as durable or beautiful as these. They cost more than most poppers. I think their durability makes them a bargain.

Byron Begley

You can purchase online or call our store in Townsend, Tennessee at 865-448-9459 to order. We are family owned and have been since 1994.